APIs are often created from scratch when it comes to a custom project. This is often preferred by clients as they feel that everything should be tailor-made. However, when the project is integrated with an external app, it is often better to make use of 3rd Party API Integrations that allows maximum efficiency. For example, if you want to ensure Google Analytics is extracted from your website, you will need the 3rd Party API integrated for the same. This would ensure that your database and backend are seamlessly connected providing you details about every visit. While creating a custom API for the purpose is also possible, it is advisable to use an API that is already available and can connect your platform seamlessly without hassle. This optimizes efficiency, speeding up your project development.

Commonly used 3rd Party API Integrations

3rd Party API integration is a preferred method if you need an API to recall data from an external entity. Following are a few features for which Third Party API Integration is often used.

  • To create a chat for customer feedback
  • User Authorization
  • Poll Gathering
  • Payment Gateways
  • Geolocation

GODELM – Why you should opt for 3rd Party API Integration from us?​

Using an API from a Third Party is often not preferred by organizations who feel that there may be a resulting risk to their project. However, if there is an expert like GODELM in charge of your project, you can rest easy. Our developers only recommend third Party APIs from the most trustworthy of organizations. This means that with the functionality, security is also assured. Furthermore, when we go for a third-party API, our focus is to effectively analyze the reason, objective, and result behind the integration prior to implementing it.

This method also allows us to tailor the API as need be, giving you the maximum benefit for your project with high efficiency.

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