Living in a tech-oriented world can become quite hectic and complex at times. We, humans, are always on the lookout for convenience and ease. Thus, this convenience-based living gives rise to the urge for technology and simplifying things. The dashboard is a technology that is best for data storing, analyzing, and highlighting a business’s statistical values. This technology is providing nothing but ease to business owners. Before learning about the tools for dashboard visualization, it’s better to understand what a dashboard is.

What Is A Dashboard?

A dashboard is a visual representation based on the mechanism of data analysis. This feature aggregates data and carries out unmatched metrics. Such metrics can be highlighted to the audience, whether stakeholders, managers, or directors of the company. This data analysis helps in saving a lot of time and manual efforts for any organization. Thus, learning about the right tools for dashboard visualization is key.

Following are the 5 tools for dashboard visualization:

1. Tableau Public

This platform provides data analytics, visualization, and business intelligence. Regardless of the size of an organization, this feature works to improve data metrics. Furthermore, the Tableau tool also enables the users to keep an eye on an in-depth data analysis that can help them grow further.

2. Gooddata 

This feature provides cloud-based analytics and business intelligence techniques. This feature is one of the most important tools for dashboard visualization. Especially if a company wants real-time analysis and requires a non-stop analysis of information. It is largely used for tracking consumer behavior, marketing, and sales analytics. Revenue analysis is also possible with such a feature; while manual recording is becoming slow, companies do not consider manual recording adaptive anymore.

3. Kumu

This feature helps map reports, sales records, data, and other critical information. With the help of strategic mapping techniques, the Kumu feature rarely disappoints its users.

4. Power Bi

A combo of both web and cloud-based dashboard systems that serves as a fine data visualizing tool is Power BI. This feature is present in the form of a mobile application or the shape of desktops as well. It provides one of the finest real-time dashboard services and a refined dataset that are a source of many data sources. Data extraction, in this way, has become easier.

5. Databox

Another one of the most important tools for dashboard visualization is Databox. This tool is also a cloud-based tool that focuses on providing business analytics through the use of immense data searching and real-data analysis. Furthermore, the Databox tool is compatible with both desktops and mobile devices. Therefore, iOS and Android OS platforms can also have this integrated tool installed and enjoy the perks of data analysis on cell phones.


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