about us

Our Vision

We believe technology will continue to revolutionize our lives, and this is why it should be made easily accessible to everyone. By optimizing all our processes internally, we continually maximize our external outputs ensuring tech optimization for all of our clients.

about us

Our Mission​

GODELM is committed to ensuring that anyone looking to have seamless online operations never feels “left out”. Our technology and portfolio are prime examples of the most complex of problems turned into a breeze with innovative solutions.

Our Principles


​We prioritize being clear about everything. Be it our internal processes and communication between departments, or updating you with the progress of your project, GODELM has a set of benchmarks and SOPs in place to guarantee easy coordination for synergy.

Solving your problems is our passion

​Our thirst to learn and ensure perfection has been grand ever since our first day. And even today our teams remain ever-ready to take up any challenge. Our processes are clearly outlined to guarantee that every project is almost 100% even as we showcase you a high-fidelity prototype. If you need a technical solution, GODELM Inc. is the custom software development company you need.

Dedicated teams for every project

GODELM Inc. gives priority to all the projects it receives. As such we create pods consisting of people from various departments for a single project. These pods are monitored and headed by our heads. With these pods in place, each member is able to communicate easily with the other person involved in the same project, allowing us to maximize priority to every project while ensuring that progress is not hindered and only sped up. This process ensures that your project receives the highest attention and you get the best service in record time.


When Tech Gurus Synergized,
Success was Inevitable.

GODELM emerged as a dream of Tech-experts pooling resources to accomplish a mission they believed was imperative. With the mission to integrate technology into the world as much as possible, GODELM became a fast-growing venture ever since its inception in 2008. Since then, constant learning and the ambition of surmounting challenges have garnered unprecedented success to GODELM. Although we have evolved a lot since our humble beginnings, our vision to optimize everything via technology still remains constant. This is why when you come to us with your project, we are sure to wow you with our expertise. Our initial projects involved cyber security and for short while, we were even known as the best Fintech software development company, but today, GODELM Inc. is known in every tech circle.

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