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Our client is a known systems security firm in the market. The organization wanted their website with a functioning CRM. The idea was of a website where potential employees could easily apply and submit their necessary information in accordance with the present job vacancies, these vacancies would then be available for the admin to check, accept and reject. The client also wanted the website admin to be easily able to create new job postings for new hires. Thus, this project was not focused on merely revamping the website. Instead, GODELM recognized the task as one of creating a new website from scratch altogether.


Upon our first discussion, we knew that a simple WordPress website was not what the client was looking for. GODELM recognized that React Native would need to be deployed to develop the website the client was looking for. We started aligning our team with the set objectives, keeping in mind that we were dealing with a firm well-versed in technology. Also, GODELM Inc. suggested that the website should allow shortlisted candidates to sign up and let them provide additional details directly. This functionality would allow the candidates to check the status of their application as well as know about any new vacancies. We discussed these options during our second meeting and were told with much enthusiasm to incorporate these suggestions into the final website.


We began with creating a website that was seamlessly synchronized with a cloud database. This database was connected with the admin dashboard available on the backend of the website, giving the admin the right to accept, reject and shortlist candidates. The shortlisted candidates are then contacted via email which contains their login credentials. The user-friendly dashboard ensures that any layman can work as an admin and make the necessary changes to the website. Furthermore, the website was also easy to navigate for visitors. This allowed potential candidates as well as potential clients to find what they’re looking for within a few clicks.

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High Fidelity Prototype

After testing our model many times and showcasing it to the client, GODELM landed on the first High Fidelity Prototype that consisted of all the features that were required as well as incorporated a theme that was worthy of being used for a tech-savvy organization. The website is completely responsive on all the latest devices giving a neat look and an elegant theme that is attractive for every user.

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Curious Highlights

We established synergy with our client during our very first meeting. However, to ensure that this synergy stayed at its optimum at all times, the team at GODELM was always in constant communication with the client. We would perpetually showcase the progress of the website during every meeting, as well as send all recent changes and the workings going on regarding the project. This enabled our client to stay updated about every minute detail of the project enabling us to synchronize with their vision and execute it to perfection.

01 A functional dashboard integrated with database

​​​​​​​​The website is integrated with its own secure database that seamlessly functions with the backend.

02 Easy UI for a visitor to see available positions and apply for a job

A neat website design and a cleanly defined user interface allows a visitor to easily navigate.

03 Admin from backend can classify candidates

The admin panel displays the positions open and the applications received, along with the authority to shortlist, reject or put them on hold.

04 Admin can assign roles for backend​

Admin has the authority to create more admins or grant access to more people to effectively manage recruitment.

05 Email sent directly from the dashboard

As an admin shortlists a candidate, an email is generated according to the position and applicant’s information and sent to them.

06 User registration for shortlisted candidates

Each shortlisted candidate receives an email with a link access along with details attached. The user can then follow the link to login and continue their application.

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