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Custom API Integration

api integration

Increased efficiency thanks to custom API Integration

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces ensure that whenever you call any data from your software, it is presented smoothly. These codes are the reason your app or website remains efficiently connected with your database and your software operates accurately. Without a proper API integration, you will always be lost on how to create a functional platform in today’s world.

Although many programmers and developers often choose a way out with 3rd party APIs available at online libraries, it is often an easy way out that can bring about multiple problems for the final product. The reason is simple, when an API is not specifically built for your software it tends to malfunction for a custom function. This is why we often recommend custom APIs for your internal workings and backend while advising you to use 3rd party API integrations when only necessary. These 3rd party APIs are often ways for you to link up with other popular mediums such as Google services and social media commerce.

  • Utilizing Custom APIs from internal workings
  • 3rd part API integrations to link you for external online optimizations​​​
  • Data can be changed and recalled seamlessly

Any APIs integrated into your software must be placed such that the code never collides and always aligns. This means that all the functions of a basic API are always satisfied. The basic functions of such an API are to Post, Get, Update, and Delete data entries. If any of these functions are not satisfied, then the software will never work properly.

But this is not all, APIs are so important that any function is simply a theory without them. Also, posting information, getting information, updating information, or even deleting the information is only a basic function. Custom APIs can be quite complex, in fact as complex as the programmer needs them to be. You can create and program an API to function as you please.

A Unique Approach to API Integration

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API integration​

GODELM approaches API integration very differently from what you might find elsewhere. We are more focused on breaking down a complex problem into simplistic solutions so that not only our developers, but our clients also have a clear understanding of how exactly their product is working. This is why we always develop and use the simplest APIs for any action. Our approach is focused on creating APIs with as few tasks as possible and labeling each API with its relevant function. This helps us stay aware of the function of each API and also lets you be in charge of development if you wish to be. Furthermore, this allows you to learn about the intricate workings of your own software with ease. Also, this methodology allows GODELM to maintain its transparency and let the client be aware of everything from the initial brief till project deployment.

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Efficient Working

APIs ensure your app runs smoothly.

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Custom Functions​

​​Developed solely for your work, your APIs will secure your software.

QA and testing

Database Synchronization​​

Your API will synchronize you with your databases, allowing you to recall data in seconds.

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Data changes

​You can easily change any entries as you please with an efficient API.

technologies We Used

Instead of available templates that can prove a hindrance in the future, our developers research and create APIs from scratch ensuring that there is no margin of error remaining.

APIs that are built solely for you.

api integration
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01 Custom API Development

GODELM always creates each API from scratch, to provide unmatched efficiency for the client.

02 Impeccable Functionality

With API developed solely for single-use, the functionality is given paramount priority.

03 Seamless Database connectivity

APIs are linked with your database to provide fast updates.

04 3rd Party API Integration

Let your software connect with the most popular technologies for an amazing user experience.

05 Enhanced customer experience

Through APIs, GODELM can revolutionize the experience of your website visitors and app users.

06 Analytics accumulation

Through APIs, you can track your user activities and stumble on valuable insights.

Some of our recent Achievements

Our portfolio is built on a history of exemplary achievements, with every project showcasing an effortless finesse.

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Telemedicine and Information Management System

With a seamless backend and an easy frontend, GODELM deployed the telemedicine platform for a Hospital in record time.

mobile app

Corporate Communication

An app directed solely for communication within an organization. The app is the first choice of many as the official channel of coordination for online communication because of its security.

VOD platform

Video on Demand

An OTT platform focused initially on children, the app and website works in a similar fashion to Netflix, providing seamless streaming to its users with integrated payment gateways.

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