What is the best software for creating dashboards? Dashboards serve as a visual representation of any organization’s day-to-day activities. Any dashboard service highlights the ongoing activities and how a company progresses towards its aims and objectives. They portray a data story via graphical representations. For instance, using pie charts or bar diagrams to illustrate the overall progress is possible because of such dashboard services. However, the question that remains unanswered is which is the best software for creating dashboards.

A dashboard is an unimaginable merger of data and metrics, including sales trends, inventory records, staff wage records, and travel expenses. This integration of a large number of statistics into a single platform is possible through the dashboard feature. In addition, a single electronic device with this dashboard program installed can easily monitor all business-related activities. Thus, principal business activities can be in the palm of your hands as even smartphones can install such dashboard programs.

Here are a few software programs that people believe are the best software for creating dashboards:

1. Domo

A Domo dashboard compiles your data and puts it into a visual form. It is a visual form that portrays an overview of your company and its day-to-day happenings. Moreover, features like color schemes, multiple chart themes, presentation designs, and graphs are available. To make sure that the DOMO dashboard stays user-friendly, the requirement in these dashboards to write codes for running data-driven narratives is written off. This is usually crowd-favorite software, and many consider it the best software for creating dashboards.

2. Dundas

This dashboard is famous in many organizations and has developed a name in the prevailing market. This dashboard has provided extraordinary sales revenue to renowned business people. The open API system of Dundas dashboard is its main feature. This dashboard also allows the users to create customized data portraits.

3. Looker

This platform belongs to a tech giant. This dashboard, acquired by Google, tends to facilitate the customers in the best way possible. Looker dashboards position SQL commands that help to create customized data models and structures. Generally, the users do not require in-depth learning of coding skills to run the Looker dashboards. With the label Google, this dashboard is proclaimed the best software for creating dashboards.

4. Yellowfin

Yellowfin dashboard provides data analysis and a detailed visual representation of such data. With the integration of AI, like other dashboards, Yellowfin enables the users to get automated data alerts. This automated data alerting feature of Yellowfin dashboards is one to look for. Therefore, many users consider this software program the best software for creating dashboards.


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