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GODELM has always recognized technology as a necessity in the modern world. This is why we only apply the best and most popular techniques in bringing about innovative solutions to your tech problems. We approach each project like a puzzle and do not start assembling until we have brainstormed enough to create a logical pathway. This is why once we start developing a tech product, success becomes inevitable, allowing you to rest easy and just observe as everything happens according to our plan and your preferences. It has been the mantra that has led the world to realize us as one of the best software engineering companies in the world.

Mobile App and Web Platform


Creating a news platform in today’s age requires a seamless process with efficient paths for everyone involved. The main challenge in such a project is always to ensure maximum speed without any bugs or hurdles. This is why when GODELM was asked to build a mobile app and website for a News brand, we took it on with full vigor. Another challenge was to set the platform up with multiple user controls, so the roles of everyone would function online exactly as they probably did them conventionally. The final result truly shocked our client, they were expecting an amazing platform but not one with such functionality.

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Mobile App Development

Secure Corporate Messaging App​​

When tasked with creating a “WhatsApp for Organization”, we were initially charmed. The idea was so simple yet so intriguing that we had to do it. However, an amalgamation of WhatsApp and Telegram was a feat easier said than done, and we were aware of it. This is why our approach began with the conceptualization of the users of the app and how it should function for them. Thus, we began by creating working on a wireframe that was governed by the separate protocols per user. As any organization would want in their hierarchy, certain rules and privileges were reserved based on the status of the user. In the end, we knew that the final product was bound to be sought after by any and every organization which realizes the importance of remote working and constant coordination.

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Mobile App and Web Development

​Video on Demand Platform

​Over the years, many OTT platforms have emerged which provide video entertainment to the masses. However, while these platforms have a large library, they are catered to everyone, often making them unsafe for children. Moreover, content present in most OTT platforms is in English and not in native languages. GODELM was approached by an animation studio to create a platform that targeted a specific demographic. A challenge was ensuring easy payment methods throughout the world, to make the app easier not only for children but also parents. This was achieved by implementing multiple payment gateways along with a flexible tariff that further allowed people in developing nations to access the app for either free or at a more reasonable price.

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Mobile App and Web Development

Telemedicine digital platform

​Since the advent of COVID-19, everyone has been looking to get a consultation without having to physically be present. While many hospitals have implemented online consultation apps to connect doctors with patients. However, only a few were actually able to connect these apps with the hospitals’ internal system allowing both the doctors and patients to have a holistic platform to their advantage. GODELM was also able to achieve this with a client, through an app that could schedule online consultations, conduct a meeting within the app, and keep the hospital’s records updated with everything the patient has shared as well as provide the patient with a digital prescription that could be used to order medication. The implementation of this app and website completely revolutionized how the hospital functioned.

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​​Mobile and App Development

Digital Retail platform

​There are already many apps for restaurants that allow customers to order and track delivery. However, our client was faced with a different problem. The restaurant chain wanted to have an accepted order delivered from the nearest branch every time. Furthermore, they wanted user locations and provide interaction with the consumers. GODELM provided an elegant application and website to the restaurant to achieve both these objectives with a single strategy. We created a website that would always ask for location from an unknown visitor. Upon placing the order, the customer would have to provide their number which could then be used to identify the customer on their next visit, allowing them to become a registered user and receive marketing content from the company. We also introduced a solution to speed up the process of delivery and reduce delays or canceled orders. If a branch did not have the ingredients necessary to complete the order, the branch could inform so and the order would automatically fall on the next nearest branch.

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Website Development

All Device Responsive Website

Creating a website for a company already well-versed in technology was a welcome challenge for GODELM, and one that was completed in record time. We were tasked to build a website that could have an integrated CRM to ensure ease for not only the website visitors but also allowing the admin to have a neat dashboard detailing visitor activity as well as employee applications that the organization received online. The website admin dashboard allowed the admin to easily create a job posting while showing the number of applications received against each job. The dashboard was also linked to a database to store records and provide smoother access. However, GODELM also provided an added functionality of categorizing these job applications which enhanced the experience for the admin.

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​​Business Intelligence Tool

​Data Ponds

Imagine having all your data sorted and available with analytics and graphs exactly as you want, in just seconds!​

This is the easiest definition we could manage for Data Ponds. GODELM developed this Business Intelligence tool solely for the purpose of letting its clients experience what AI has to offer. Data Ponds is truly a need for a market leader, as in the right hands it could be the key to predicting the future. Created for the sole purpose of aligning data and providing analytics understandable by the layman, Data Ponds is a tool many of our clients ask for. The reason has been simple, recognize the scalability of imminent success. Analytics once considered legible only to data scientists need to be interpreted by everyone, as is our mission. This has been the key motivation behind creating Data Ponds, which links all databases to provide you insights seamlessly.​

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