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When we were approached by the client to create an app that perfectly encapsulated internal communication within an organization we were baffled. The idea was so simple yet so stunning that it hadn’t been properly (or at least efficiently) applied anywhere. The reason was simple, people preferred to have their online communication via normal messenger. However, most messengers did not allow a group to have secluded coordination. This meant multiple groups, creating unnecessary noise and disrupting the flow of directives. Needless to say, we were intrigued. The end result was an app that was much more secure than normal messengers and gave exclusive rights to a leader to set communication exactly as was needed.


Creating a single group that would give exclusive rights to the admin on who coordinated with whom was easier said than done. However, we were determined to provide a platform that was user-friendly and could be modified as per the user’s requirements. Furthermore, we were tasked with creating an app that provided more security. Corporate data is extremely sensitive and the priority to keep it safe from leaking was imperative. Thus, we proposed two solutions that could work for our client. Either all the chat data could only be saved on user phones preventing any online theft, or a separate cloud server could be purchased by the organization to protect the data. Any data stored on Amazon Servers is considered highly secure and it’s seamless AES 256-bit encryption.


We set on making a working wireframe so that we could let the client know about how their app would function for the end-user. GODELM incorporated was focused on creating an app where the master admin of the group would have supreme control over roles that were to be assigned. The master admin would have the authority to create other admins, who could also assign roles and privileges to other members. These admins had multiple authorities but were limited to a certain extent. We created an additional function of letting a user access his account from up to five different devices ensuring ease. Thus, the process for the app was set in stone after the client’s approval in the first draft.

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High Fidelity Prototype

​Once GODELM proceeded towards development, we were focused on creating an app that followed the exact flow as was envisioned by us and the client. The idea was to ensure that the app would be functional across maximum platforms, so it was coded in a hybrid language, making it available on both iOS and Android. The resulting product was a more streamlined amalgamation of WhatsApp and Telegram, consisting of benefits of both the popular platforms while negating most of their problems. Needless to say, the high-fidelity prototype had our clients pleasantly shocked, as the functionality was in accordance with the brief with bonus features as well as a clean, user-friendly interface.

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Curious Highlights

Both GODELM Inc. and the client created a synergy during the development of the messenger. This synergy not only propelled the development and deployment duration but also resulted in us having clarity and transparency, ensuring the app would function efficiently without any bugs or errors for the end-user. With a plethora of features that would benefit the user while securing his corporate communication, a few of the best features are listed below.

01 Constantly Available

​​​​​​​​With efficient deployment, any user with an internet connection is reachable 24/7 thanks to Graphql deployment.

02 Multiple Access Points

With this app a single user can have up to five separate devices ready that are synced seamlessly and operate simultaneously.

03 Video and Audio Conference Calls

Easier User Interface and seamless functionality have been deployed for all conference calls.

04 Departments won’t get mixed up​

​A normal user would require admin permission to chat with another individual, preventing irregular or unnecessary communication.

05 More Secure Servers

With the option to store chat locally, your data is much safer from being accessed by a third party.

06 RBAC Deployed

Role-Based Access Control ensures that privileges are set as per the requirements of the group admin.

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