A web portal is responsible for connecting a business via a tech window. Such a window enables business owners to evaluate loads of data and arrange them in accordance with their company policies. Their infrastructure is designed promptly by the company, and in this way, everything is customized. A web portal is an entrance door that allows external and internal users to access its feature or provide their information, depending on the type of web portal. Before discussing the probable cost of developing a web portal, we should discuss what a web portal is. Thus, we should discuss in detail what a web portal is.

What Is A Web Portal?

A web portal is a platform built to collect data from different sources and provide its visuals to the users. Relevant information is provided to the company via this collection and analysis of data. These web portals’ development has evolved to another level. A web portal is a website built to attain and store information that is categorizable and personalized.

These dashboards are accessible via laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The accessibility depends on the organization, and it is up to such an organization to allow the usage of this portal through different platforms. The business owners can also enable the users to personalize their profile’s themes, charts, illustrations, and other features according to their liking.

Examples Of Web Portals

A question that people ask regularly is what is the cost of developing a web portal. Well, it all depends upon the type of portal they are selecting. The cost of developing a web portal can be evaluated based on the type of portal and the number of customizations. A few examples of a web portal may include:

  • Patient portals
  • Employee portals
  • Student and faculty portals
  • Vendor portals

Patient Portals

The level of communication between the patient and the healthcare personnel becomes easier with such portals. However, the cost of developing a web portal of this sort depends on the level of customization and features indulged in it.

Employee Portals

Through the use of such portals, the employees of a company can check their daily attendance status. In addition, projected salary slips are also obtainable through such portals. Flow HCM portal is the best example of such a portal that creates a sense of ease for the HR managers of any company.

Student And Faculty Portals

Most universities and even schools maintain web portals with immense information. Thus, they require proper storage systems and the cost of developing a web portal of this sort changes with the number of customizations.

Vendor Portals

Vendor portals give companies to collaborate with third-party suppliers. The services of third-party vendors and all the relevant details are storable on such portals. A strong connection is achievable through these vendor portals.

Cost Of Developing A Web Portal

The question regarding the cost of developing a web portal is quite popular. Companies require the development of such portals to carry out the quality workflow of processes. Just like full stack web development requires a certain cost, in the same way, developing a web portal also requires a certain sum of money. The amount depends upon the number of customizations. Below are the hourly working charges various developers ask for building web portals:

US Developers: $150-$200 per hour

 Eastern Europe Developers: $80-$100 per hour

 Asian Developers: $20-$50 per hour


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