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GODELM has always been committed to making information technology as accessible as possible. The current era is governed by analytics, and anyone ill-equipped can quickly become outdated. Analytics holds the key to predicting the future, allowing visionaries to make the right decisions that turn their dreams into reality. This is why GODELM Inc. created Data Ponds, an analytics tool that would ensure that information is readily available at a person’s fingertips.


GODELM required a tool that was able to mine and analyze data and use the resulting information to forecast demand. Our focus was to create a Software-as-a-Service based web application that provided an easy-to-understand interface and allowed its users to reach valuable insights. In other words, GODELM theorized a digital data scientist that was much more efficient than a human resource. Furthermore, we wanted Data Ponds to be the ultimate tool for business heads that ensures insights are never a hassle.

High Fidelity Prototype

GODELM created Data Ponds as a tool that could seamlessly connect with multiple databases and present a holistic picture in front of the user. Furthermore, the final product worked with a version control system. This meant that all changes were logged and tracked, ensuring security for the user. Data Ponds emerged as an elegant tool that not only featured data ingestion, blending, and manipulation but also provided visualization and predictive analysis. In essence, the user would have an excellent business intelligence tool by his side when he makes use of Data Ponds.

data ponds

Curious Highlights

Data Ponds was not a project that was received externally. Instead, it came to fruition as a result of our regular brainstorming sessions, where the leads of every team get together to conduct thought experiments. The idea to make analytics readily available for the layman was a concept simplistic yet equally challenging as the interface needed to be extremely user-friendly and the backend required the application of multiple types of databases. However, GODELM was equipped with the needed focus and experience required to bring this idea to fruition which is why Data Ponds turned out to be an exemplary tool that could be used by almost any business.

01 Easy to understand Dashboard​

The user-friendly dashboard provides a neat gist of analytics. You can also select the graph you feel is right to represent your data.

02 No Need to sift through data

Data Ponds can integrate with multiple database platforms, allowing users to easily fetch it and observe information through it.

03 Predictive Analysis​

An integrated forecasting solution that is synced with your data banks.​

04 Version Control System​

Any changes can easily be tracked through previous versions.

05 Graphical Representation​

Have your data arranged exactly according to your preferences.

06 A seamless AI working ​

​Data Ponds uses its AI ML that works seamlessly to ensure a functionally convenient experience for the user.

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