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The brand was a popular restaurant chain in its area and was considered at the top when it came to physical experience. However, the brand lacked when it came to online operations and seamless deliveries. Our client was missing an essential feature of having a POS system to operate online, but the problem went far deeper than what could be observed at the surface. Thus, their first consultation with GODELM was quite a long one. During this meeting, we noted all the objectives that the brand wanted to achieve. the path was quite long. What the client needed was a mix of POS as well as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that could assure everything was seamless for the customer while being exceptionally easy to handle for the brand.


GODELM approached the challenge with a visionary perspective. Instead of creating a one-off solution, we started crafting a system that could be applied holistically for almost any organization willing to operate online and deal in physical products. The idea led to the creation of GODELM’s star product, POS-ERP, a system that could be deployed and keep track of all inventory from procurement to the final sale. Furthermore, GODELM ensured that this system was accessible to the user everywhere, allowing them to monitor everything in real-time along with analytics and progress. Another idea we gave to our client was to keep track of every branch’s inventory. Should an order fall on a branch that did not have the required inventory, the order would rebound to the next nearest branch. This not only ensured that an order would be prepared and delivered as soon as possible but a ticket could also be generated by the branch to restock asap.


We began the initial design for the app with the sole focus of giving the most efficient user experience for the customer. The idea was to begin by asking the customer for their delivery address. Upon this selection, the customer is either presented with a new deal or the main menu. At the same time, the backend connects the user with the nearest branch. As soon as the customer places the order, the connected branch is pinged about the order. Here the branch has the option to accept the order if it has the needed inventory, or redirect the order to the next nearest branch. The website works similarly to the app, prompting the visitor for their address and then redirecting the order to the nearest branch. The only key difference is an app user would need to log in to place the order, while the website user can order without signing up.

However, with POS-ERP deployed at the backend, the admin has access to the main dashboard detailing almost everything related to the online operations. This dashboard can be customized as the admin sees fit in just a few clicks.

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High Fidelity Prototype

Once GODELM was sure that it had accomplished all the objectives that were of even mediocre priority to its client, we showcased the High-Fidelity Prototype to the client. Needless to say, the efficient system had quite an awesome impact on the restaurant. GODELM deduced that POS-ERP would need to be extremely user-friendly so that a layman can make not only use it for tracking but also derive analytics from it. This is why the presentation consisted of a separate part detailing only the features of the tailored system our client was getting, along with the remaining part focused on showcasing functionality. This method allowed our client to understand the core reasons behind the implementation of this new system along with its imperative need. At the end of the demonstration, we knew we had managed to solve a problem our client didn’t even know he had!

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Curious Highlights

The app and website for our client cannot even begin to describe the feat GODELM has accomplished with the challenge. By creating the right flow and determining the process of operations for the brand, GODELM Inc. has been able to create a formula that is an imperative need for all brands looking to sell tangible products online. During this tenure, we were sure to let our clients know about every achieved benchmark keeping them updated as we climbed the stairs of success together.

01 OTP for registration for user security

To ensure the restaurant avoids a wrong order, an OTP is generated and sent on the user’s phone to confirm identity.

02 User Registration

Every customer can get registered and save their address(es) to make speed up the ordering process.

03 Order Redirection

When an order is placed at a branch without the needed inventory, the order is automatically directed to the next nearest branch.

04 An integrated framework​

Combining multiple features on the app, the finished product can be deployed for services, if the restaurant brand chooses to provide them.

05 Timed Refresh Rate

In case a customer stays inactive for 2 hours, the website page is refreshed and the cart is emptied.

06 Easy Sign up

User information is saved on the first order. On the second visit, the user is prompted as an id is created, to keep track of every order.

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