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Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the dynamics of the world have significantly changed. Gone are the days when people had to physically go to a doctor and get all diagnostic tests done. Today, with the power of AI, you can know about your ailment by answering just a few questions. An algorithm that simply learns from all the data it has been provided and continues to learn only a fantasy a few decades ago. Yet, in the current era, AI in healthcare has almost become a necessity. This has been exceptionally helpful for doctors and hospitals. ​

The boom of IT in the healthcare sector resulted in many organizations jumping on the bandwagon to profit. However, GODELM was more focused on the learning and implementation aspects of this scenario. This is why our teams were relentlessly working on hospital CRMs as well as AI integration to create a holistic system. The implemented system was not only able to provide disease prediction because of the well-trained AI but also helped doctors easily conduct online consultations and prescribe medicine to their patients. By creating a customized AI in healthcare and telemedicine platform GODELM has been able to create a single system that could revolutionize healthcare in a conventional hospital.

  • Expert team of AI developers​​
  • Multiple testing trials ensure perfection​
  • Functional Prototype for QA​

AI is a result of ML being utilized for a specific purpose. A trained AI will provide you with accurate suggestions based on historical data and have the facts to back each suggestion too. You can be the founders of the next Fitbit, having AI integrated on a device that is able to count each step taken by a user as well as keep track of the wearer’s heartbeat. This has lifesaving applications, like alerting an emergency contact in case of a cardiac arrest. ​

Also, with AI in healthcare, hospitals have each patient’s medical history available on their records, along with suggestions based on each patient’s metrics based on their conditions. Thus, the duration to diagnose an ailment has significantly reduced, allowing doctors to have a virtual assistant who is much faster and sometimes more experienced at viewing information and recommending remedies. AI also helps doctors know about multiple alternatives and, if connected with public databases can provide suggestions to employ the latest operating methods reducing risk and increasing success rate.

GODELM takes healthcare

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AI on another Level

GODELM takes pride in ensuring perfection on every product it creates, and it is why we settle for nothing less than excellence. Our AI development team spares no expense in training each algorithm to the point we know that anyone making use of it will be able to easily handle it. Our implemented AI systems are a testament to our abilities in creating efficient algorithms that come up with analytics and insights within seconds. We always begin with your initial brief and create a logic chart on how to pursue our objectives in a way that minimizes your time and cost while maximizing your utility. When it comes to healthcare, a single algorithm made by GODELM was able to help doctors diagnose patient diseases as well as simultaneously suggest medicines which the doctor should prescribe to the patient, already accounting for patient allergies, if any. This single program was able to revolutionize how the hospital operated, setting it on the trajectory of imminent success.

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Faster Diagnosis

Let AI diagnose your ailment from a simple look at your symptoms and medical history.

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Linked with CRM

​Let AI seamlessly fetch patient records from your database.

QA and testing

Keep track of vitals​

​AI has the power to keep track of your vitals and alert your loved ones in case of an emergency.​

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Efficient Algorithms​

​Our Algorithms occupy less storage and provide more functionality.

Optimized Healthcare and diagnostic technologies, only for you!

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01 Virtual Assistants

AI can be implemented to assist doctors in diagnosing as well as recommending the right course of action from their learning.

02 Dosage Recommendation

​AI can recommend the right medication based on the patient medical history and condition.

03 Initial Assessment

AI can help provide a list of possible diseases a patient might be suffering from by just a look at their symptoms in preliminary tests.

04 Reduction in operational and administrative costs

​By implementing AI, you can easily reduce your costs by up to 30%!

05 Improved accessibility

Not only doctors, but patients can also access their own data with AI in place.

06 Smart Prosthesis

Programs can be developed for prostheses allowing physically restricted people to have much more physical functionality.

Some of our recent Achievements

Our portfolio is built on a history of exemplary achievements, with every project showcasing an effortless finesse.

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Telemedicine and Information Management System

With a seamless backend and an easy frontend, GODELM deployed the telemedicine platform for a Hospital in record time.

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Corporate Communication

An app directed solely for communication within an organization. The app is the first choice of many as the official channel of coordination for online communication because of its security.

VOD platform

Video on Demand

An OTT platform focused initially on children, the app and website works in a similar fashion to Netflix, providing seamless streaming to its users with integrated payment gateways.

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