Upselling is a technique that helps attract customers in the best way possible. Luring a single customer into purchasing the premium version of a product or a service is considered a perfect execution of the concept of upselling. However, top-of-the-line products or services are not easy to sell as major clients/customers prefer standard services. Therefore, learning how to upsell with a mobile app has become a hot topic in this day of age.

The skills of a salesman to pursue a client into buying the premium package depend on how good that salesperson knows the concepts of upselling. The most common example of upselling is when a restaurant offers up-sizing or add-ons in a particular deal and makes it a premium package for the consumers. Yes, all of this can now take place via a smartphone. Therefore, getting the answers to how to upsell with a mobile app is also a reality.

Important Factors To Consider While Upselling With A Mobile Application

While upselling with a mobile application, a seller must consider the following 2 factors:


A quality seller must know about the audience he/she is targeting. In this way, getting to know their liking and disliking is possible. Quality data analysis helps benefit such sellers. Detecting the power users of a brand is easily detectable via quality data analysis. Ignoring this factor does not provide the desired results.


Targeting a certain user continuously going through the brand’s mobile application is the best time to give him/her quality attention. Pitching at the right time is vital; only a few brands master it. Triggering sales from such trafficking clients is easier than others, and only those who know the art of upselling with the mobile app can achieve the desired sales.

Following are the best 3 approaches to upsell with a mobile app:

1. Free-Trial

Companies can always target customers by placing offers such as free trials. They usually provide all the fascinating features of their product to the customers in such free trials. Usually, such trials are for a limited period and can generate quality sales. After availing of the premium services for a limited period of time, the customers get used to such services and end up subscribing to the full package after getting used to the premium package. This is an amazing approach to upselling with a mobile app.

2. Subscription-Based Apps

Subscription-based apps like Netflix are also a source of bringing massive customer traffic. Moreover, such apps are responsible for upselling in the best way possible as they do not run on free trials; instead, they ask you to pay upfront.

3. Freemium 

Freemium feature is a service that provides customers with a limited number of features just to give them an experience of what will come soon after they subscribe. After subscription, such users get aware of what they are missing, and thus it gets easier for business owners to upsell with a mobile app.


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