We will learn about SQLite databases further in the article. But, first, we must learn what a relational database is in this day of age, where the tech world depends on a database, data analysis, and data management. Thus, the need for a specific data model to record, secure, and organize data, is a major requirement. In addition, there is a need for a data model in reputed businesses, which is why different companies adopt different data models.

A relational database arranges data in the form of tables, columns, or rows. Even in the presence of other data models, the relational database still overpowers them and enjoys a separate space of dominance. As a result, companies worldwide prefer storing their data on relational databases.

What is an SQLite database? And is it a relational database?

Yes, SQLite is a relational database alongside MYSQL development and PostgreSQL development. SQLite platform is a reliable database labeled a “serverless” database by the company. SQLite relational database performs efficiently even in low-memory, and this feature gives this database an edge over others. In addition, SQLite relational database assures users to stay within the compliance of ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability).

This ACID compliance ensures that the SQLite transactions work fine even if the computer systems face power cuts or sudden system crashes. Also, SQLite makes sure no configuration is required for programs. The only thing users require is to access the database disk. Furthermore, there is no license requirement for the users using SQLite database management.

Advantages Of Sqlite 

The database is an essential portion of a company, a platform where critical and conventional information is stored. Therefore, the companies also protect these databases through a solid cybersecurity system. Securing from SQL injection attacks is the main focus of these cybersecurity teams. The above-mentioned security measures reflect the importance of the SQLite relational database. Following are the advantages of SQLite:

1. Portability 

This database management system is portable and can store data in small forms. Other database management systems can store a heap of data in different files, which can be quite hectic for the users, while SQLite stores data differently. SQLite has the ability to store data in one file, a file that is easily accessible and trackable from your computer systems.

2. User-Friendly 

No or minimal configuration helps the users opt for the services of SQLite. This is a tag that helps SQLite relational database to create a fantastic name for themselves. This program does not require continuous restarting or turning off as it is not built that way. Such qualities help SQLite relational database to be famous among users.

3. Light In Storage

An SQLite relational database program is quite lightweight, as we read above. The space for SQLite to set up is nearly 500KB. This shows its uniqueness and what adding the word “lite” means.


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