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Machine Learning was once a method only utilized by the best in their game. However, this isn’t the 90’s anymore, and with Moore’s law being proven to provide exceptional computation power to everyone, machine learning services have become a necessity for businesses that is quite easily achievable. Today, AI is a factor always present within organizations on the trajectory to success. ​

​While getting analytics has become quite easy considering that data today can be arranged seamlessly, learning insights from it has become equally difficult. This is where deep learning has become extremely important, as an algorithm sifts out through millions of entries within minutes compared to having data scientists comb through each strand to arrive at a conclusion. When an algorithm is trained using supervised learning by GODELM, you can rest assured that your insights will be truly fruitful in making the most of your strategic decisions.

  • Efficient Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Development team​
  • Algorithms trained and tailored to provide predictive analytics specifically for your business’s​
  • Deep Learning AI programs linked with your database to seamlessly generate insights​

GODELM employs state-of-the-art resources along with a team of data scientists who have been in the tech game for years. Our AI Machine Learning services and their algorithms are always on another level compared to our competitors. The simple reason is our research is always in-depth and our ideas flow flawlessly. Deep reinforcement Learning is a game we have been immersed in ever since it gained the traction it always deserved. This is why when you come to us requiring a program that generates amazing sales and market analytics, we are happy to take up the challenge. ​

​We always build our algorithms utilizing the latest tools and methods available in the world, and our first test does not begin until we believe we have sufficient data to eliminate as many errors as possible. This initial procedure is the reason our machine learning algorithms are mostly an assured success and trained at optimized speeds. GODELM is among those AI companies that ensure any bugs and errors are accounted for during the testing phase so that when we show you a prototype, our confidence of being 100% is transferred to you as well.

Machine Learning Services 101. Plan.

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Train. Test. Prototype.

GODELM is the best software development company in USA and always begins with your brief. We ensure that you as a client and we as the techies are clear on what is the goal of your project. This allows us to efficiently plan and gather the resources that are required to create the perfect artificial general intelligence. Once we have a noted list of what to do, we start planning on how to do it. Our teams brainstorm regularly to ensure that no part of the list is left unchecked, and every loophole (if any) is accounted for. Our programmers then start coding to create an algorithm that knows how to immerse in your data and analyze the important patterns. Once we are sure that the right algorithm has been created, we start training it with supervised or semi-supervised learning using data entries and reach the needed level of predictive analysis. With the algorithm trained to reach valuable insights in maximum cases, we showcase it as a prototype to you and take your feedback. Upon your approval, we proceed toward the launch and hand you over the tool of success.

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Deep Research & Analysis

​We dive deep to uncover as much data as we can for Machine Learning

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Linked to Database​

​Once deployed your algorithm will be linked to your database for speedy insights.

QA and testing

Minimized Errors​

​A trained algorithm is tested multiple times to ensure as few errors as possible.

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Tailored Programs

With Algorithms customized to your preferences, your AI works best only for you.

Machine Learning can propel you to become the industry leader.

Machine learning

01 Facial Recognition

With the power of Machine Learning services, you can train a device to recognize and analyze patterns. This is an essential security and clearance measure often used for fintech applications.

02 Big Data analytics on fingertips

ML can easily analyze large sets of data within seconds.

03 Trend Prediction

By analyzing past patterns, ML can effectively predict the future trends that may occur.

04 Chatbot Training

ML can train AI to create an efficient chatbot that will perpetually enhance the user experience.

05 Error Elimination

When equipped with ML, your error margin is restricted by almost 100%.

06 State-of-the-art Automation

ML and AI can automate your processes to the point where everything truly becomes seamless.

Some of our recent Achievements

Our portfolio is built on a history of exemplary achievements, with every project showcasing an effortless finesse.

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Telemedicine and Information Management System

With a seamless backend and an easy frontend, GODELM deployed the telemedicine platform for a Hospital in record time.

mobile app

Corporate Communication

An app directed solely for communication within an organization. The app is the first choice of many as the official channel of coordination for online communication because of its security.

VOD platform

Video on Demand

An OTT platform focused initially on children, the app and website works in a similar fashion to Netflix, providing seamless streaming to its users with integrated payment gateways.

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