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parents want for their children.​


The client, an animation studio approached GODELM to create an OTT platform that catered solely for children. The animation studio recognized the need for an entertainment platform that was focused specifically on children and wanted to provide a service that would not only be safe content-wise but would also work to seamlessly target a specific demographic. With its prime library of content, the studio knew it had the ability to become the next Netflix with its very own niche. Even though the target demographic was based mainly on language spoken, GODELM suggested that the platform be made available worldwide with multiple payment gateways, allowing a maximum number of people to have access to the final product.


Since the target audience was mostly situated in developing countries, the animation studio agreed that a flexible tariff should be introduced, which allowed most people to pay relatively lower subscriptions compared to the audience living in developed countries. Applying multiple payment gateways also ensured that subscriptions for the platform were feasible both in terms of finance as well as processing. Finally, it was suggested that all content made available would load seamlessly for the user, and should continue until the connection is lost with the user, at which point the loaded part of the video will remain playable. GODELM also suggested that the platform was made available as a mobile app and a website, allowing maximum people to engage with it, since most children in developing countries may not have constant access to a smartphone.


To showcase the platform’s functionality, we set about creating a flow for the animation studio that neatly showcased how the app would run for a registered user as well as how it would treat a first-time visitor. The working wireframe also demonstrated how the platform would respond to a returning user, allowing them to resume the video from the last time-stamp. Furthermore, the wireframe also presented our client on how a user would search for and land on a video. During the presentation, we also told them about integrating APIs that would fetch what the user had been recently searching for on search engines and recommend content based on it. Upon the client’s approval and applaud, GODELM proceeded to create a working prototype that would incorporate all these theories into a working application.

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High Fidelity Prototype

Thus, we landed on a high-fidelity prototype, one that amazed the client as well as the end-users. However, instead of creating an eye-sore theme with too many bright colors, GODELM approached with a cleaner and more elegant theme, that would ensure a more efficient look to the platform while appropriately showcasing the studio’s library. Thus, we went for a subtler theme, and then let the colors on each thumbnail pop up for the user. While incorporating all of the proposed suggestions from the wireframe, we also added the feature that multiple users could access content from the same account, just like Netflix. The client approved the prototype and soon the app was officially launched for the world to use.

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Curious Highlights

Our client was pleasantly surprised at the execution of the OTT Platform by GODELM. We considered their brief as well as suggestions as the highest priority to develop the OTT Platform, while only giving second priority to our own suggestions until they were officially approved. During the project, both the organizations were in consistent coordination where we kept our client updated about each milestone that was being achieved. This allowed our client to know the exact trajectory of the project as well as let them provide suggestions that could be applied almost immediately.

01 Seamless Streaming

Streaming is never a problem, as the platform’s video quality will adjust accordingly with your internet connection.

02 Multiple Integrated Payment Gateways

Depending on your region, the brand will offer you options to pay the subscription, allowing you to choose the method most feasible.

03 Region Adjusted Tariff​

The amount a user pays will vary depending on their location. Thus, most developing countries with low affordability will get the OTT platform at a more reasonable cost.​

04 Your progression is saved​​

Users can resume from their last checkpoint on every video.

05 Recommendations based on choices

You will be recommended content based on your recent searches on Google as well as on the platform.

06 Differentiation between basic and premium content.

Users can freely watch basic content, but will be prompted by an ad after a set amount of time on viewing premium content.

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