From Development
to Deployment

GODELM Inc. has kept a strict guideline that every project goes through. Our process has been the mantra behind our success. We have refined the process over the years by adding details, but our core procedures towards every challenge/project follow the same principles.


our process

Guidelines that are applicable to virtually any approach and strategy.

our process

Consistent communication internally between departments in a virtual scrum for real-time updates.​

our process

Constant testing and regular maintenance to ensure perfection even after deployment.

Pre-Project Consultation

We always have two discussions before starting your project. In the first discussion, we soak up everything you want to have in the final product. This discussion consists of a lot of probing from our side, as we want to learn as much about your vision as we can. Our focus here is to understand your mindset while contemplating how to achieve your desired outcome in the best possible manner. A few things we always minute during our first conversation are as follows.

  • What type of development are you looking for? Will your project be for your internal usage or will it be available for your customers too?
  • What features do you feel are absolutely necessary to be included in your project? Are there any optional features that you might want?
  • Have you tried getting the same project somewhere else? Did it start or was it only kept theoretical?
Step 1


We start brainstorming immediately after having the initial discussion with you. Here we focus on deriving different approaches that might be feasible for you. This is also the phase where GODELM starts creating the necessary logic as well as start assigning the resources who will be catering specifically to your project. These resources then form a team, and a single incumbent from our client servicing department joins them. This incumbent is responsible for keeping you updated about the project consistently.

  • A new team is created for each specific project to ensure prime priority.
  • Note down every single feature that is to be incorporated and create the necessary trajectory for execution.
our process

Project Ideation

We start the second discussion internally once all our resources are aligned with your project. During this discussion, the team is briefed regarding your requirements and proposed features. The big idea is showcased to the team and the vision is explained. This discussion helps us establish the methods that could be used to create your project as well as the technologies that may need to be implemented for deployment to be as early as possible.

our process


After the internal meeting, the team leader tells informs every member of the team regarding their sole responsibility. In short, the large challenge is broken down into small, separate tasks that are then divided between the team as everyone is assigned their tasks.

our process


Everyone is assigned their tasks separately and is provided the flow of the project. Each member provides a timeline that allows us to provide you with a tentative deadline for the completion of your project.

Step 2


We always begin every project with a flow chart. This chart details every single feature that you want to accomplish with your project. Once we have established the flow, Our UI/UX team starts working on creating a tailored flow for your project exactly as it should look to the end-user, whether it is you or your customer.

  • Each project gets a custom UI.​
  • The development design is made in congruency with the flow set.


We begin our design with a wireframe. Our UI and UX team creates and provides a working wireframe for the project that informs you on what functionality will be offered.


UI/UX Design

As the wireframe gets your approval, our design team starts constructing the true look and feel your project deserves. During this stage, we incorporate an elegant theme based on your vision and target audience.

our process


​Once you approve of the initial designs, we start crafting the architecture for the app and creating an action plan for core and code development.

Step 3


​Once you approve the theme and feel we have accurately designed your vision, our developers start working on the code for your project. Prior to your design approval, our developers are tasked with finding the best methods and technologies to execute your plan. All these plans come to fruition during the development phase, as our developers already have an idea of how to accomplish your objectives by the time you approve our design.

  • Each developer on the team is kept updated with your requirements and priorities.
  • You remain informed about the technologies being used for your project.
our process

Prime Priority

Since each developer is working on only one project, your project has the complete attention of every developer involved.

our process

Speedy Execution

Our developers work almost round the clock to provide you with the finished product as soon as possible.

our process


Once our developers are sure that they have created what you were looking for, they start compilation to create and implement the code that showcases every functionality to you.

Step 4


As we amaze you during our presentation of the prototype, we also inform you about the deployment date for your project. We keep a different date for prototype and launch, the reason being we want excellence to be ensured. During this stage, we want to test the prototype in as many scenarios as possible, and remove any and all bugs and errors, so you proceed on the launch date with high confidence and complete assurance from GODELM.

  • Consistent and Constant Testing to ensure your project is error-free.
  • Provide you time to market your project as well as suggest any changes if you deem them necessary.
our process

User-Friendly Backend

We understand that you’re looking for solutions, not problems, which is why all backend functionality in every project by GODELM is extremely easy to understand and use by the layman.

our process

Multi-Responsive Interfaces

Prior to launch, we test the project’s application on multiple devices and platforms, so you can have access anywhere you want.

our process

Seamless Experience

​We don’t push you to launch unless we are sure that your project is working as efficiently as possible. This not only means functioning but functioning at optimum speed while providing you with the desired outcomes.


Step 5


We always strive for perfection and like to keep improving wherever and whenever possible. This is why upon your project completion; we always extend a hand to provide maintenance. This not only extends our cordial relationship with our client but also ensures that we remain responsible for ensuring excellence.

  • Our Development maintenance team constantly keeps track to ensure your project is functioning correctly.​
  • Improvements become routine without and hurdle to functionality.​
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