Connecting brands with influencers​

Rendering our app development services for a vision to revolutionize how marketing functions in the world. GODELM Inc. created a platform for brands to find and utilize the right influencers and allocate the budget accordingly with their campaigns.

01 Where influencers earn​

With a platform detailing their reach, this is the best platform for influencers to apply for the brands they wish to represent.

02 Campaign insights on your tips

​The brands can easily see the results of their budget and the reach achieved by every individual influencer on their dashboard.

03 An influencer’s portfolio​

As an influencer, every brand they have worked with will be showcased on their profile detailing their achievements and neatly building their portfolio.

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04 Multiple campaigns. Multiple influencers​

​A brand has the option to have multiple campaigns active and reap the same benefits

05 Coupon Distribution

​Let influencers use their reach to distribute your discounted offers, in just a few clicks.

06 Campaign according to your budget

Brands have the option to pick an influencer according to their budget, making an easier selection.

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