Analytics on your fingertips in seconds with Data Ponds

​A Software as a Service (SaaS) that connects a layman with analytics like never before. Data Ponds is an essential add-on created by our top software developers for any business looking to use data and predict their trajectory before any decisions.

01 Easy to understand Dashboard​​

The user-friendly dashboard provides a neat gist of analytics. You can also select the graph you feel is right to represent your data.

02 No Need to sift through data​

Data Ponds can integrate with multiple database platforms, allowing users to easily fetch it and observe information through it.

03 Predictive Analysis

An integrated forecasting solution that is synced with your data banks.​

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04 Version Control System​

​Any changes can easily be tracked through previous versions.

05 Graphical Representation​

Have your data arranged exactly according to your preferences.

06 A seamless AI working

Data Ponds uses its AI ML that works seamlessly to ensure a functionally convenient experience for the user.

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