Patient Information Management System

​PIMS is a system based on Rest API development that ensures a synchronized process that is efficient to keep patient information and make it available to the needed staff for the hospital.

01 RBAC deployed for multiple users​

PIMS has a role-based-access-control system deployed which gives authority to users based on their credentials.

02 The Patient can upload information

The patient has the choice to upload documents regarding their medical history and test diagnoses which can be accessed by doctors prior to consultation.

03 Patient data update

​The patient’s vitals and test reports are immediately uploaded to the platform.

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04 Online prescriptions available to relevant users

Any prescriptions made by the doctor will be sent to the pharmacy as well and can be used by the patient to procure medication.

05 Secure portal for patients

Every patient has a unique id and the credentials are generated automatically, therefore inaccessible by anyone other than the end-user and/or admin.

06 Accounts Department Access​

Medical bills specific to the patient will also be uploaded by the accounts department to accordingly charge the patient.

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