Secure Corporate Communication with Admin Controls

Creating a messenger with react native app development focused specifically on official chats meant a channel that is easily accessible and much more secure than other alternatives in the market. GODELM went for a different approach for this challenge, creating an amalgamation of WhatsApp and Telegram while adding specialized features of its own.

01 Constantly Available

​​​​​​​​With efficient deployment, any user with an internet connection is reachable 24/7 thanks to Graphql deployment.

02 Multiple Access Points

With this app, a single user can have up to five separate devices ready that are synced seamlessly and operate simultaneously.

03 Video and Audio Conference Calls

Easier User Interface and seamless functionality have been deployed for all conference calls.

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04 Departments won’t get mixed up

​A normal user would require admin permission to chat with another individual, preventing irregular or unnecessary communication.

05 More Secure Servers

With the option to store chat locally, your data is much safer from being accessed by a third party.

06 RBAC Deployed

Role-Based Access Control ensures that privileges are set as per the requirements of the group admin.

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