Online consultations and a flawless prescription system

​GODELM created a telemedicine platform allowing patients to be in easy communication with doctors, with doctors having access to their patients’ medical history and the ability to generate online prescriptions as well as recommend diagnostic tests.

01 An app available for everyone.​

The website and app allow the doctors and admin to view complete schedules, with the algorithm ensuring a slot is locked once an appointment is made.

02 RBAC and credentials for security

While doctors can approve their appointments and see them in their schedule, they will also have access to the patients’ history if it has been provided by them.

03 Track records of patient’s vitals​

Any tests done on patients’ vitals will be uploaded to the database and available online for their designated doctor and the patient.

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04 In-App consultation sessions​

All consultation sessions will occur on the App with multiple features making the process easier for both doctors and patients.

05 Easy Dashboard

Be it patients or any backend user, the app’s dashboard is easily understandable and usable by any adult.

06 A feedback form will keep everyone updated​

​Both the patient and the doctor get a feedback form after their session. This lets the hospital consistently know about any improvements that are needed.

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