Video on Demand Platform

A video platform that ensures fun for young ones in a safe environment. The streaming service caters specifically for a widely spoken language catering to a large audience. With many features reminiscent of Netflix, the platform is a great entertainment medium that hosts a plethora of family-friendly content.

01 Seamless Streaming​

Streaming is never a problem, as the platform’s video quality will adjust accordingly with your internet connection.

02 Multiple Integrated Payment Gateways

​Depending on your region, the brand will offer you options to pay the subscription, allowing you to choose the method most feasible.

03 Region Adjusted Tariff

The amount a user pays will vary depending on their location. Thus, most developing countries with low affordability will get the OTT platform at a more reasonable cost.

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04 Your progression is saved​

​Users can resume from their last checkpoint on every video.

05 Recommendations based on choices

You will be recommended content based on your recent searches on Google as well as on the platform.​

06 Differentiation between basic and premium content.

​Users can freely watch basic content, but will be prompted by an ad after a set amount of time on viewing premium content.

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