People around the world celebrate different days by labeling them based on certain events or certain personalities. The celebration of various days named on different events and characters differs for every other day. However, just like Labor Day, where all professions are celebrated, there are specific days attached to a single profession as well. Just like we have Doctor’s day, there is also a day for the programmers named Programmers day.

Background Of Programmers Day

This day was initially celebrated on 7th January. Still, many people celebrate it on 7th Jan. However, there lies a different story which portrays why people celebrate this day on 13th September. For a leap year, the celebration date of Programmers day is the 12th of September.

The reason behind the two dates is that the first date, 7th January, is the original date. Initially, It was celebrated in the month of January. Even now, in many places, the celebration is on the 7th of January. Russia declared it on the 13th of September to be much more innovative. It’s a celebration on the 256th day of the year, and it is the same number of distinct values represented with an eight-bit byte.

How Is This Day Celebrated?

Organizations arrange meetups or celebrate this day in the style of parties at times. IT teams of companies receive a warm welcome, and their contributions are highlighted. Achievements of developers and the way they are progressing get into the limelight. Greeting programmers by saying “Happy Programmers Day” is a thing that is the most common in such celebrations. In this way, organizations gel quite nicely, and a beautiful team formation is possible through such celebration.

This day is not a public holiday. However, it highlights the performances of dedicated programmers in our society. The services of programmers and their importance come under discussion, and due credit for their achievements is possible through the emergence of Programmers day. All social media platforms also stay active in posting about the celebrations of this day. Thus, programmers around the world share their career journeys on different social media platforms to gain more recognition.

Programmers Day 2022

Like every year, Programmers day for this year will be nothing short of special for the dedicated programmers around the world. The world will celebrate it on 13th September. It will bring new stories, career orientation, memes, and the importance of programming to the audience via different social media platforms. Doing such things will highlight the services of developers/programmers.


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