When you require a mobile app that functions efficiently on both Android and iOS, React Native is a popular framework to choose from. While a relatively young framework, it has become one of the best choices to develop mobile apps thanks to its speedy implementation and assistance to developers. The JavaScript framework is often preferred by organizations wanting to expand their reach with their apps. Furthermore, when an app is developed with React Native, the client saves cost by having a single app developed, instead of having to create two different apps for multiple platforms. Also, one of the best benefits offered by React Native is that the framework can even be used with developer tools in the browsers, allowing developers to code with an ease unparalleled.

The Key features of React Native ​​

One of the best advantages offered by React Native is that the developer can save time by seeing updates with a few taps on the keyboard. This is a functional benefit speeding up deployment as the developer does not have to compile the application for the same purpose as is the case with many other frameworks.

  • With React Native a written code can be used across multiple platforms
  • Hybrid framework for apps that work on multiple operating systems
  • Provides good rendering and User Interface
  • Supported by a large community ensuring constant updates and bugfixes
  • 3rd party libraries can be accessed with React Native for app development
  • Allows developers to enhance app performance in a mobile environment​
  • ​​Changes can be observed within seconds​

GODELM – Why you should opt for
React Native App Development from us?​​

Our developers have been enthusiastic experts and often recommend React Native for our clients. This is because React Native allows for a win-win situation, it eases and speeds up app development while ensuring early deployment as well. However, these recommendations are only given if React Native is actually suitable for your project. While there are many advantages of having your app developed with React Native, there are also a few drawbacks that have to be kept in mind when you come to us for your mobile application development. ​

For example, if you’re looking to have your app developed on solely Android or iOS, we would recommend using a Native framework like Java or Kotlin, instead of React Native (as it is a Hybrid Framework). However, if you’re looking for an app that should be available everywhere and has a simple user interface along with an amazing experience, we are sure to recommend React Native for development.

Our React Native Development Services

With GODELM, our solutions with React Native can go 360 degrees. But even then, we only recommend React Native in accordance with your requirements instead of using it everywhere. This optimizes the final product you get. Following are a few factors of React Native we are experts at.

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