Refund Policy

Our priority is your Satisfaction

​​We believe that it’s important that when we deliver a project to you, it is in exact accordance with your requirements. This priority is the reason why we always ensure that all of our projects exude perfection and are the reason for satisfaction for our clients.

Refund Terms and Conditions

  • refund Each project at GODELM is handled and worked upon professionally by our experts to ensure seamless execution. However, should the final product be deemed unsatisfactory by the client, we have set protocols for a solution that is mutually acceptable to us and our client.
  • refund A full refund is offered if, for any reason, the project has not been initiated by GODELM after an agreement. This clause is also detailed in the agreement that is signed between GODELM and every client.​
  • refund The refund policy also applies in the absence of a written agreement between GODELM and its client.
  • refund If GODELM is unable to finalize the project, or for some reason, the client wants to change the development company mid-project, they can negotiate on a partial refund depending on the resources and time that has been spent by both organizations during their working tenure.
  • refundIn case of a client opts for a refund for an ongoing project, GODELM will provide in detail the monetary value that has been invested in the project along with aligned objectives and benchmarks.
  • refund If a client wants a refund after a product has been delivered and ownership transferred from GODELM, a meeting will be called to negotiate and decide on the course of action. The client will also be a part of this meeting.​
  • refund No refunds can be offered for projects that the client abandons midway.​​