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sales and purchase prediction

Let AI be your fortune-teller with Sales and Purchase Prediction technology

AI has revolutionized the world with its advent and it continues to change how technology is being applied to almost every industry. Initially, Artificial General Intelligence was only employed as an assistant to give out mild suggestions. However, in recent years, it has grown to become one of the best tools any organization can have to have a prospective future. In the most conventional of uses, AI is used to create alerts for stock shortage or similar processes. However, the possibilities of implementing AI are literally limitless. AI has the power to understand your processes and it continues to evolve, all by itself, adding its benefits and minimizing its errors (if there are any).​

GODELM has always been enthusiastic about AI and the possibilities of storytelling with data. This is why we have committed to ensuring the reach of AI to everyone. We always develop custom algorithms for every project, so that whenever you get an AI project developed with us, we dedicate a team to ensure that everything is developed from scratch. Our algorithms are thus trained to be highly accurate when predicting your future sales and purchases. Instead of relying on just your inventory, AI also has the power to check the price patterns of the stock you buy, informing you of any instance where the prices may become exceptionally reasonable for your benefit. ​

  • Dedicated AI and algorithm development team
  • Highly accurate pattern recognition and Machine Learning​​
  • Consistent QA and testing prior to launch​

AI also has the power to analyze and predict how much sales you will possibly make in the future. This not only allows you to have a good estimate on how much you might sell in near future. Our algorithms account for multiple scenarios as well as taking into account the historical data to observe as many variables as possible before arriving at a conclusion and giving you the required information. ​

Also, we do not rest just as the AI develops. Instead, we start comprehensive tests to check the accuracy. Once the program is set to accurately predict your sales and purchase along with facts that back up each suggestion. This lets you know the reason and the rationale behind every suggestion, allowing you to make the final decision without having to sacrifice any time. Having an efficient artificial analyst by your side gives you the benefit of having analytics and results on your fingertips within mere seconds, as is the norm with most market-leading organizations.

AI created and customized Sales and Purchase precitions

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solely for you.

When you want an AI system implemented in your organization, GODELM ensures it. We create a separate pod for each AI Sales and Purchase prediction project, allowing us to give the highest priority to every project. Our data scientists and AI specialists never work on more than a single project, giving them the freedom and concentration required to think of every possible scenario while developing a product. Through this process, you are able to get a product that is not only efficient but also works in exact accordance with your requirements. We also strive to train the AI through almost any possible scenario, allowing it to start evolving in the development phases as well.

GODELM believes in the hive mind theory of presenting solutions. This is why every pod is given only a single project. The method not only speeds up development and deployment but also allows your project to have up to 10 expert minds coming up with the best techniques and technologies, granting it an imminent success.

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Dedicated Pods

Each project has a dedicated pod team to give the highest priority.

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Consistent Demonstrations​

​​We consistently update you regarding the progress of your project.

QA and testing

Trained to minimize bugs​​

Each algorithm goes through multiple tests to ensure no bugs remain.​

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High Accuracy

​Each AI is trained to be exceptional at prediction.

Utilizing the latest technologies

GODELM ensures that it uses only the most popular and tested tools and languages to develop its programs. Furthermore, our algorithms are designed to continue learning after deployment to make sure you never face any difficulty in operations.

With GODELM, you only get the best Sales and Purchase predictions.

sales and purchase prediction

01 Custom AI

Each AI is created from scratch to ensure that it is perfectly tailored to the client’s needs. By creating a proprietary algorithm, security and efficiency are assured.

02 Prime Development Standards

The code integrity is tested in all phases of the product development. This allows us to ensure not a single line of redundant code goes live.

03 Tested and Attested

Once the pod has tested and approved the program, the departmental leads also test it against their standards as well as the needed functions.

04 Seamlessly linked as you please

An AI program can be linked to your online databases, allowing you to fetch data and analytics within seconds. This ensures you always have access to generate insights.

05 Prediction Accuracy

Your AI will inform you consistently about making the right purchases and give you accurate estimations of future sales. This allows you to make proactive strategic decisions without hassle.

06 An Ace in your sleeve

AI is truly a virtual assistant that can guide you in the right direction by sifting out through a million entries to provide a solution within seconds.

Some of our recent Achievements

Our portfolio is built on a history of exemplary achievements, with every project showcasing an effortless finesse.

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Telemedicine and Information Management System

With a seamless backend and an easy frontend, GODELM deployed the telemedicine platform for a Hospital in record time.

mobile app

Corporate Communication

An app directed solely for communication within an organization. The app is the first choice of many as the official channel of coordination for online communication because of its security.

VOD platform

Video on Demand

An OTT platform focused initially on children, the app and website works in a similar fashion to Netflix, providing seamless streaming to its users with integrated payment gateways.

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