Software development opens new doors of innovation for talented people. Such development helps convert a person’s ideas into reality and gives them a digital look. Thus, the importance of software development is unignorable in modern times. However, the concept of software development life cycle is different as it talks about the standards set for software development. Therefore, discussing it separately is important.

Software Development Life Cycle 

SDLC or software development life cycle is the name of a set of standards drafted in such a way that helps in clearly defining the processes. Such methodology or standards ensure that quality software is being developed. By meeting the criterion of SDLC, organizations can build quality apps at low cost, and that too in due time. Furthermore, SDLC is drafted so that customers and clients of all sorts stay loyal to a particular brand using the software.

How Does SDLC Work?

This life cycle operates to optimize the level of work in software development. Developing low-cost software in desired time along with the use of the latest technology is possible by following the SDLC model and all its aspects. It works in phases. These phases produce amazing results for all the developing companies out there.

5 Phases Of SDLC

The software development life cycle goes through various phases before the coding process. These phases help the developers code their best creation. Following are the phases of the software development life cycle:

Collection Of The Requirements

In this phase, the collection, identification, and gathering of current problems are performed. If identified promptly, problems that are disturbing the process of software development can turn into ease in no time. Software development life cycle methodology becomes much easier if the first phase goes to perfection. A few activities of this phase include planning, creating software specifications, and problem detection.

Software Designing

The architectural designs and discussions of the software take place in this phase. Teams discuss the designing and bringing everyone’s creative ideas to the table. This phase of the software development life cycle helps achieve the goals defined in the first phase.

Development Phase

In this phase, the developers begin the software-building process based on the rules and architectural designs set in the first and second phases. This is the real process where an innovative idea starts taking shape. It requires the complete involvement of teams. Collaborative work, along with the use of the newest technology, brings amazing results. This phase ends once all the coding process gets complete.


This phase helps in assuring the quality of the developed software. Complete testing brings out the best of results as the program so developed has been tested priorly. Multiple tests ensure the quality of software and label it as an accepted or rejected model. If rejected in the testing process, then suggested solutions are applicable, and the team moves one phase back.


The company is ready to deliver the goods by deploying the software in this phase. Once it goes through a series of steps, it’s fully ready to be shared with the developed product’s customers, users, and other stakeholders.


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