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​A hospital wanted GODELM to create a holistic platform that could record patient data as well as provide online consultations to patients. The challenge was met head-on by us, and we created a complete system that truly revolutionized online working for the hospital. The app and website would go on to work both as a website and an app, which could book online consultations for the patient while providing multiple features to the doctors to keep a clean record. However, instead of just connecting the doctor and the patient we decided to go a step further.


The basic challenge was creating a portal where both patients, doctors, hospital management, pharmacy, and accounts department could be linked. Implementing roles accordingly was not the only hurdle, the problem was creating an environment where the flow would be seamless for everyone involved. We decided to divide the project into two projects: one for online consultations and the second to serve as the CRM for the hospital, aptly named PIMS (Patient Information Management System). With separate pods dealing with both the challenges, being headed by a single leader, the work became synchronized.


Since two separate pods were working on the project, we decided to create different wireframes for both. However, since both were being headed by the same person, the themes were linked and kept in sync. The app and website’s wireframe were focused on creating a seamless flow for patient consultations for both the doctor and the patient. On the other hand, PIMS was focused on providing medication as well as recording tests for the patients and uploading them to the hospital’s database.

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High Fidelity Prototype

We showcased both the app and website as separate projects to our clients. However, both were showcased in a single demonstration as well incorporating the use of both products. This ensured that everyone present clearly understood the complexity of the project and the idea behind applying division of labor and specialization to it. Finally, we were able to implement the complete system for the client to his organization, and it works seamlessly even today.

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Curious Highlights

The final app did not only provide the patients with recommended diagnostic tests but also allowed the patients to review reports of recent tests done at the hospital. This ensured that during each consultation both the doctor and the patient were updated about everything, and vitals were easily visible to diagnose ailments. Finally, the pharmacy and accounts department were also connected, letting the patient get the prescribed medication as well as pay all the fees incurred.

01 In-App consultation sessions

All consultation sessions will occur on the App with multiple features making the process easier for both doctors and patients.

02 Easy Dashboard

Be it patients or any backend user, the app’s dashboard is easily understandable and usable by any adult.

03 RBAC deployed for multiple users

PIMS has role-based-access-control system deployed which gives authority to users based on their credentials.

04 The Patient can upload information​

The patient has the choice to upload documents regarding their medical history and test diagnoses which can be accessed by doctors prior to consultation.

05 Online prescriptions available to relevant users

Any prescriptions made by the doctor will be sent to the pharmacy as well, and can be used by the patient to procure medication.

06 Secure portal for patients

Every patient has a unique id and the credentials are generated automatically, therefore inaccessible by anyone other than the end-user and/or admin.

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