Software development today is one of the core concepts of the IT industry. Any organization, whether small, medium, or large scale, at one point, requires software development services. Large-sized companies tend to manage the development tasks through their own team of professionals by hiring the best talents. However, even the best of talents, at times, can produce coding that lacks in many areas. Thus, it gives rise to the idea of software testing and types of QA testing.

Different testing categories have their own qualities and specifications compared to others. Therefore, any loophole or fault occurring in a program can be solved through accurate testing techniques and strategies. Such strategies are quite helpful for business owners and other stakeholders.

4 Types Of QA Testing

1. Unit Testing

Ground-level testing that occurs while building software is considered to be unit testing. This testing helps the companies to identify what needs attention and what needs correction. This is a thorough method and results in producing quality testing strategies. This is one of the finest types of QA testing and helps to determine a code’s functionality and how such a code process would be.

2. End-To-End Testing

This testing procedure tests the functionality and performance of the live-like features. Through this testing, the developers know how their work would look once it goes live. Thus, this is the reason why this testing is termed end-to-end testing, and it’s one of the most vital types of QA testing. It provides a replicated version of what would the actual product look like in front of the users. In this way, the developers can look for the major and minor mistakes in their projects.

3. Component Testing 

Component testing helps to search for components present in a single code that are disturbing the overall performance of such a code. Component testing enables the testers to test multiple components present in a single in order to provide optimized software development. Different components are injected into the code to check whether they perform in the best possible way or not. In this way, optimum results are achievable.

4. Performance Testing 

Checking behaviors of the systems is possible through the use of this QA testing technique. Whenever the system is under a heavy load and requires quality testing in order to get quality results, the performing testing feature steps up. This type is one of the most highly performing types of QA testing. Such testing ensures to test the reliability, stability, and sustainability of the product. All this is possible by applying an extra load to check the performance after a load is applied.


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