Software development is an ever-growing technology and it works like a charm if delivered to perfection. The number of doors it can open for innovators and creators is unimaginable. However, every project whether small or large requires proper attention and time before executing in the best manner. Thus, the agile methodology caters to the needs of delivering any project to perfection.

What Is An Agile Methodology In Web Development?

It’s a strategy to break a certain project into multiple different phases. Such phases can help the developers to stay intact with their projects and highlight the loopholes. The related stakeholders of the project are constantly connected with the agile methodology feature in every single phase. Once the development starts, the plans, and processes carried out with the collaboration of the stakeholders, are considered an agile methodology. It aims for continuous improvement in the quality of the project.

Agile Project Management

Agile project management is following the set of steps that surely enhance the quality of the project with the help of continuous collaboration. Any changes that can bring positive outcomes are easily adopted. Agile methodology is one the most famous project management strategies and allows organizations to up their developing game. Many businesses are adopting the services of agile methodology.

How It Works

This methodology works in 6 different steps. These steps guarantee a quality delivery of your projects. Following are the 6 steps that an agile project goes through:


In this step, the stakeholders gather ideas, prioritize projects, and in collaboration with the agile methodology, draft the best-performing ideas. The potential opportunities and threats are also taken into account. The estimated cost to finish the project is also a bone of contention in the first step of agile project management. In this way, the stakeholders can select their preferred plans and processes to move forward.


Once the conceptual portion is done and dusted, then we move on to the establishing step where the ideas and concepts are blended. Which team members will take part in developing the project, and what are their responsibilities, these are the questions that need answering in the second step? The initial customer expectations and how to target them is another task that resolves through this step.


This step involves the repetition of previous steps as the fulfillment of the above planning and establishing requires revision badly. Keeping the record of coordinated decisions and strategies and revising it to keep a check on them is a vital step. This step depends on the below functions:

  • Requirements
  • Building
  • Testing
  • Delivery
  • Response of the customer

This step is the releasing step of your product. The finalized project is set to launch in the market and just the final test remains that will ensure the quality of the project. The agile methodology helps in launching the projects with accuracy and accountability.


The product is out in the open and users are accessing it and gaining the desired benefits from it. Everything is ready to go and the finalized product is producing the desired results. The team is always on alert mode for any post complications. They are ever ready to assist any user experiencing troubleshooting.


The final phase is the retirement phase. Here the project becomes outdated and hence a label of an obsolete item is given to it. However, adding more simplifications and providing quality updates that the end users want can help a lot. In most cases, retirement is the ending phase of a project.

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