An electron framework is referred to as a program that executes the main file that is defined in a user’s package. JSON. The main file so executed can form an application window. This application window is in coordination with the graphic user interface. Such an application window portrays all the features of an app. The main process of an application begins as the user starts an application using Electron.

Who Uses Electron Framework?

Electron framework is in major demand for both small to medium large-sized companies. The companies that prefer electron framework are the ones that require constant use of JavaScript everywhere in their platforms. This framework is the best for small groups or individuals to work on. The said small groups can be teams that do not want to work on multiple languages and would prefer to stay on one.

Benefits Of Electron Framework

As mentioned above, mostly small to medium-sized organizations prefer the Electron. Thus, learning about the benefits of the Electron framework will be very beneficial for small to medium-sized companies. Following are the benefits of the Electron framework:

1. High Profile Security 

Converting a conventional app into a cross-platform desktop app is a requirement, then data stored in the data systems will likely be lost or obliterated. However, with the Electron framework, data storing on a local basis is a possibility and is not under threat. There are certain cybersecurity concerns and risks involved while working with Electron, but the stored locally can help organizations a lot. Upon the customer’s request to move the data to the cloud server, a developer can fulfill this demand by first checking for cloud security precautions.

2. High Performance 

Mostly these cross-platform Electron.js apps run faster than the native apps. This high-speed feature makes the Electron technology create its unique worth. In addition, the development process is much easier as only one code base is used across all platforms.

3. Accessibility

Electron framework provides many features to work with, and the users enjoy an amazing level of accessibility. The usage of Java helps the users experience an amazingly creative app window or desktop designs. Desktop app designing via JavaScript is quite diversified and helps the developer draft quality desktop and mobile apps.

How Does Electron Framework?

As mentioned above, the Electron framework begins by executing the main file defined in the. JSON package. Secondly, creating app windows is possible through executing this main file. Once the main process begins, the application windows are created via successfully implementing the BrowserWindow module. Then, each window goes through its rendering process. In rendering, an HTML references various designs and Java or CSS files and renders them into a window.


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